Saturday 19 February I will do a study day with the Cantadonna Vocal Group . Lots of learning, moments of leisure and laughter. I can not wait!


April 2

On Saturday, the 2 of April I'll do an intensive day of singing with the Voce del Brenno choir. We'll work our beautiful pieces for the festival in Perugia in May!

April 9

Also Saturday 9 April I will be busy all day for an intensive study day, this time with the Cantadonna Vocal Group .


April 16

April 18

On Monday 18 April the vocal group The Sweet8 will sing in Dalpe, in Val Leventina, for the DalpeinArte party. We can't wait to perform in this beautiful village! 

dalpe in arte.JPG

May 6-7-8

After the last two years, what a joy to go to gatherings again ... I am therefore very happy to go to Perugia for a choral festival with the Voce del Brenno!


May 15

The Voce del Brenno choir and the Gruppo Vocale Cantadonna will perform in a benefit concert for Marchethon. We are waiting for you in the beautiful church of San Pietro e Paolo in Biasca at 5 pm.

chiesa biasca.JPG

May 24

I am delighted to bring choral music to the teenagers of Val Calanca! Tuesday 24 May I will open the doors for the new choral course for teenagers which will start in September 2022 with the collaboration of the Moesano Music School . More information will follow.

musica teens.JPG

May 27-28

The vocal group Cantadonna will be present at the National Choir Festival in Gossau. It will be a fantastic event!


June 2

Thursday 2 June the talented Sweet8 will sing for a private event at the Castelgrande in Bellinzona. Very happy to prepare them for this event!

August 15

With the Voce del Brenno choir I will be at the Alpine Ferragosto in San Bernardino, singing in traditional clothes. A nice event for families too, we are waiting for you!

September 6

Open doors of the Voce del Brenno choir! Absolutely all invited, it is not necessary to know how to sing. We sing on the spot and experience the thrill of choral singing! More information later.

September 8

The Cantadonna Vocal Group will perform at the traditional Cugnasco Summer Festival. We are waiting for you for a musical moment in company! More info will follow.

September 17

The Voce del Brenno choir will perform in concert with the traditional costume at the Swiss Fighting Festival in Cadenazzo.

san bernardin.JPG
open door.JPG
cantadonna gossau.JPG

September 24

The vocal group Cantadonna will perform for X Donna, at the Hotel Dante in Lugano, at 19.00. Entry by reservation.

lugano dante.JPG

1st October

The Voce del Brenno choir will perform in traditional costume at theAscona autumn festival. We will sing at Piazza Elvezia from 11.00 to 12.00.
During the afternoon there will be a parade on the lakefront with traditional costumes.

2nd October

The vocal ensemble The Sweet8 will perform in concert in the company of the Castelgrande choir. More info will follow.

22-26 October

Can't wait to play at the prestigious Belgrade Harp Festival ! In addition to two concerts, I will also give a masterclass to some talented Serbian harpists . 

voce del brenno perugia maggio 22.JPG
chiara pedrazzetti 2022.jpg

29-30-31 October

I am honored to be a performer and member of the jury of the first Bissone Harp Festival and Competition . It is wonderful to listen to so many young talents, and I am very happy to participate with my music in this festival!

November 12

An intensive day of study with the Voce del Brenno. Not only are the songs prepared in detail, but we eat and drink in company. Music and laughter ... what more do you want from life ?!

November 19

Another day of study, with the Cantadonna Vocal Group. In addition to being excellent and disciplined singers, there are two rich coffee breaks that sweeten the great work.

December 10

On Saturday 10 December the traditional Christmas concert of the Voce del Brenno will be held in the beautiful parish church of Dongio. More info will follow.

December 11th

On Sunday 11 December there will be a traditional Christmas concert by the Cantadonna Vocal Group. This year will be enriched by instrumental sounds! We are waiting for you at the church of Gerra Piano, at 5.30 pm. Free entrance.

bissone harp festival.JPG


Various dates planned, soon updated.